Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Top 5 Essential Winter Beauty Picks

No matter where you live, the season of cold weather and holiday parties can make you second guess every piece of makeup you have in your bag. To make your holiday routine a little easier, here are my top 5 beauty essentials for this winter: 

This product is not for the faint of heart (or those of you who aren't a fan of instantly younger looking and softer lips!) This product amazed me the first time I used it. It is EXTREMELY gritty and really gets the job done. Did I mention this line was created by the doctors who created Proactiv? It works people! A bargain at twice the price! ($16) 

I use this product in one shade or another every single day. "Tan", "Blue Brown" & "Melon" are a few of my favs that are great for an everyday all over base shade. The best thing about this product? I've NEVER had to replenish my supply as they seem to last forever! 

With a name like Orgasm you better be able to walk the walk. This product is a combination blusher & bronzer and it literally looks great on all skin tones. It will give you that freshly bonzed look (in between airbrush tans, of course) and the blusher adds that romantic, fresh faced look we're all looking for. It's a bit pricey ($40), but it will last you a few seasons. 

This is only the BEST mascara ever made! Why spend $15-30 dollars at the department store when you can get this product for $8 at target. I'm serious, this mascara is great for everyone. Use one coat for a natural day look, or apply 2-3 coats for your dramatic evening look. Go for Carbon Black to really make a statement! 

The fact of the matter is, you can apply all the make up in the world but if you don't have good skin underneath it all, you won't get the results you're looking for. This easy to use, relatively inexpensive system works and is customizable to fit your skincare needs and concerns.  I set a good friend of mine up with her own system last week and the very next day she could already see and feel a difference. Invest the $50 dollars, it's worth it. 

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  1. Great post! All the tips are much needed in my book! :)